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Techpolitan - Property Technology Platform

Our mission is to become an active digital hub which positively channels youthful energy through Entertainment, Education, Employment, and Empowerment, and which bridges the gap between industry needs and young people's skills and knowledge.

Initiated by Sinarmas Land-Digital Hub, DGS Ultimate and Walden Global Services, Techpolitan will focus on the 4 e-Pillars :

  1. Entertainment : Games as positive driver to grow youths passion in technology and create a technology-literate society

  2. Education : Channel the interest of youth in gaming and technology recreation to knowledge and abiilty in development of game and tech products

  3. Employment : Assist technology talents to secure fulltime and freelance jobs both domestic and international

  4. Empowerment : Through mentorship and established platforms, young people can create teams to launch internet startups, software houses, or digital agencies.


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