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We are a Metaverse builder – a virtual world to embrace mixed-reality future – powered by the grit & creativity of our team in Asia.

Into Reality

Techpolitan started as a physical-world property operator. Today, we are a Metaverse studio – becoming the operator and enabler of virtual-world future, by developing metaverse world for our clients.

Why Choose Us

Virtual reality is about to become our new reality

Powered by professionals in 3D animation industry, we are able to produce metaverse assets in better quality and scale.

Our Service

Experience the world like never before

These are the three use cases most relevant for our nascent Metaverse industry right now

3D World

Render as image for low bandwidth, Mozilla Hub integration, or infuse with Unity features.

Web3 Metaverse

Integrate with the OMA3, sell land as NFT and integrate tokenomics.

Game Metaverse

Create a fantastical Web3 Metaverse with MMO RPG adventure game mechanics.

Meet Our Team

Dreams and teams work together


CEO & Founder

mythologic studio

3D Animation

telkom university



Talent Community


Get ready to think beyond the screen

With 5G infrastructure, the Metaverse, Virtual and Mixed Reality world is coming to consumers. Get your business ready with us.


Frequently Asked Questions

Business use cases for Metaverse is for architecture, retail, and travel industries. Or if you are a Web3 entrepreneur, the business potential can be as far as your vision.

Discussion of Metaverse features, NFT integration, pricing model, partnership model – we are open to speak to you.
Just contact us below.

Get ready to build your own Metaverse

Techpolitan not only has the expertise for the 3D assets, but also game programming and integration to NFT / Blockchain if requested.