No programmers will be unemployed.

In the digital era, more jobs will be lost due to automation both by hardware and software. The wealth gap is increasing.

We can teach underprivileged kids to learn basic programming skills, so they are ready to work within 3 months. We believe as programmers, their career future will be bright.

Techpolitan has for years teach underprivileged kids with quality curriculum, and channel them to good paying tech jobs in Indonesia.

CSR Programming Training

Testimony from Mr. Dony Martadisata from Sinar Mas Land
“Our highest gratitude and appreciation to Techpolitan who have worked together with Sinarmas Land BSD City and helped us provide IT training to the communities around the Sinarmas Land. “
Dony Martadisata, Corporate Affair Div. Head Sinar Mas Land

CSR benefits for your company:
Strenghten our community’s economy by supporting the underprivileged kids.
Your company can hire the top-performing trainees as programmers.
Practice Corporate Social Responsibility to improve company’s image in public.

Techpolitan is your corporate social responsibility education training solution.

Techpolitan helps your company to manage corporate social responsibility funds in the form of programming training to be able to adapt in the 4.0 industrial revolution and also digitalization that occurred because of Covid-19. With Techpolitan integrated curriculum that has been adapted to the needs of the workforce, Techpolitan helps generate the trainees to be ready to work in the IT sector.

Let’s help empower society with technology expertise to thrive in the digital era.

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