Instead of focusing solely on hiring, let’s manufacture your own personnel.

You want to bring digital transformation to your company fast, and you need reliable IT employees. But an encounter challenges:

  • Need reliable vendors to assist in the delivery
  • Need independent consultant to assess and plan
  • Competitive market resulting in expensive talent acquisition

Techpolitan Training Solution

Custom offline intensive training

Custom online training

Basic online video training

Our custom onboarding training solution is aimed at personnel experience with skills but no on the specific required technology stack.

  • 2-4 month duration
  • Customizable curriculum for the specific tech stack/programming languages/framework
  • We source the Trainer & the trainee, and filter them for you
  • Minimal 10 persons/batch
  • Hire qualified trainee as your employee
  • Training conducted at our locations or at your premises (minimal 20 persons)

Techpolitan Training Program

Contact us for further information about custom training programs.
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