Go to the blue ocean and create your own offsite dev center outside of your city.

In the field of information technology, proper developments and innovations required a variety of expertise, skills, and equipment. However, putting all of these together in-house is definitely not a simple task; not to mention costly, time-consuming, and you will also need to set up a proper workspace for the team.

Techpolitan unmanaged outsourcing service can support companies that needs an off-site dedicated development center, such as:

  • Large Enterprises
  • Startups with investor

Located in BSD City and Bandung in the central city of Java, Techpolitan Coworking Space tap-into the country’s thriving digital ecosystem and its rich talent pool. If you are on the other side of the globe, this also means a significantly lower cost for skills and expertise needed, which will highly affect your budget.

With Techpolitan, we provide a total talent solution so you can have your own dedicated software engineering center in Indonesia. Your company can take advantage of the wage disparity between your city and where the talents are, and we help you ensure quality of personnel.

Short Tour of Techpolitan BSD City

We provide you and your company best facilities and best location in the downtown  to support and upscale your business.

  • Your own dedicated and secure office
  • Located in main road Surya Sumantri in Bandung and The Breeze BSD City Tangerang
  • You can mix between your employees and outsourced employees within that office
  • Meeting Room with State-of-the-art communication facilities
  • High-speed internet connection & Wi-Fi
  • Tables & chairs
  • Electricity & Air Conditioner
  • Parking lot, Locker & Reception
  • Pantry & Free Flow Drinks
  • Employee administration such as payroll processing
  • Recruiting & Outplacement Support

Meeting Room with State-of-the-art communication facilities

Security, cleaning, and IT support personnel included.
High-speed internet connection.

Enhance your business with Techpolitan.
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